Fun & Whimsy 
F07 Leash AvailableYellow Bandana
E75 Leash AvailableJeep Periwinkle
C03 Leash AvailableSweet Tulips Black
C14 Leash Available Monsters Lime
F64 Leash AvailableJeep Red
D12 Leash Available Jeep Teal
E17 Leash AvailableIce Cream Cones Blue
D48 Leash Available Orange Bandana
D85 Leash AvailableSmileys on Black
B79 Leash AvailableWonder Women Red
A80 Leash AvailableRose Posey Silver
F09 Leash AvailableAhoy Matey
C87 Leash AvailableHot Pink Anchors
F40 Leash AvailablePink Magenta Flower Fiesta
E89 Leash AvailableLime Twist
E87 Leash AvailablePacked Snoopy Grey
D43 Leash AvailableTurquoise Flower Row
B66 Leash AvailableVibrant Flowers
F74 Leash AvailableHippy Love
B94 Leash AvailableIn Deep Ship
C31 Leash AvailablePinstripe Navy Green
F59 Leash AvailableFlip Flops on Navy
A92 Leash AvailableArmy Dog Tags
A19 Leash AvailableUS Navy Small
A05 Leash AvailableAir Force
D50 Leash AvailableMarines
A20 Leash AvailableBlack Bandana
D27 Leash AvailableBreast Cancer Stripe
F38 Leash AvailablePams Watercolor Strawberries
B76 Leash AvailableFlip Flops on Lt Blue
B81 Leash AvailableMonsters Pink
D16 Leash AvailableWatermelon Stripe
D04 Leash AvailableJeep Pink
D80 Leash AvailableTiny Burgers and Shakes
C94 Leash AvailableHappy Hour
E67 Leash AvailableTiny Popsicles Navy
C62 Leash AvailableExtra Fries Please
D23 Leash AvailableIll Have a Beer
C06 Leash AvailableBatman on Lt Blue
A88 Leash AvailableAnchors on Navy
A97 Leash AvailableServe and Protect Police
A51 Leash AvailableOrange Paws on Yellow Flannel
A66 Leash AvailableDaisies on Blue
A07 Leash Available Cupcakes on Lt Blue
F47 Leash AvailableDaisies on Purple
F61 Leash Available Colorful Skulls
D90 Leash AvailableMini Tacos
B45 Leash Available Mini Avocados
E83 Leash AvailablePurple Bandana
E50 Leash Available Dots Navy Red
D07 Leash AvailableIce Cream White
D86 Leash Available Ice Cream Lavender
A70 Leash AvailablePizza
C78 Leash Available Pineapple Navy
F35 Leash AvailableTiny Watermelon Slice
D61 Leash Available Batman Dark Blue
A02 Leash AvailableCoastal Pink Check
E49 Leash Available Coastal Blue Seersucker
A38 Leash AvailableAnchor Hearts Orange
F90 Leash Available Anchor Hearts Black
E29 Leash AvailableAnchors on Teal
D79 Leash AvailableTiny Breast Cancer
C40 Leash AvailableRed Bandana
D70 Leash Available Beach Words Navy
F03 Leash AvailablePopsicle Pops Black (M L XL only)
E40 Leash Available Fancy Cupcakes (M L XL only)
D28 Leash AvailableBig Campers Blue (M L XL only)
F56 Leash Available Chalkboard Cupcakes (M L XL only)
F66 Leash AvailableIce Cream Cones Pink
C74 Leash Available Hollywood Sunglasses (M L XL only)
F19 Leash AvailableHot Wheel Flames
D88 Leash AvailableMini Burgers
D84 Leash AvailableYellow Daisy
E43 Leash Available Pineapple Teal
A50 Leash AvailableRoses Stripe
C73 Leash Available Lilies and Lilacs
B67 Leash AvailableSunshine Days
B55 Leash Available Black Skulls
F20 Leash AvailableDark Paisley
A40 Leash Available Glamper Camper Yellow
A36 Leash AvailableGlamper Camper Pink
A84 Leash Available White Anchors Red
B03 Leash AvailableBright Blue Bandana
D21 Leash Available Daisies on Pink
D57 Leash AvailableDaisies on Teal
B24 Leash Available Palm Tree Paradise
A79 Leash AvailableLittle Rose Bud
B48 Leash Available Big Watermelon Blue
F04 Leash AvailablePinstripe Yellow Navy
E72 Leash Available Tiny Dots Orange
E82 Leash AvailableStars on Bright Blue
F100 Leash AvailableGirl Scout Cookies Pink (M L XL only)
A75 Leash AvailableMini Rockets
F87 Leash AvailablePeach Flowers with Green Leaves
A95 Leash AvailableChocolate Donuts
F81 Leash AvailableVintage Purple Flowers
A63 Leash AvailableColorful Hearts & Flowers on Aqua
B09 Leash AvailableCupcake Wars
B07 Leash AvailablePink Gray Madison Floral
D96 Leash Available Dark Green Bandana
F54 Leash AvailableNavy Bandana
C49 Leash AvailableSilk Road Stripe
D40 Leash AvailableGarden Stripe
E33 Leash AvailableSpiderman
D98 Leash AvailableDont Eat Me
D73 Leash Available Big Cupcake (L XL only)
B15 Leash AvailableClassy Flowers
D60 Leash Available White Dots on Purple
C34 Leash AvailableHot Air Balloons
B98 Leash AvailableSoda Pop Caps
D91 Leash AvailablePlayful Stripes
D71 Leash Available Navy Multi Chevron
C60 Leash AvailableBaby Boy Argyle
E37 Leash AvailableSmall Posies on Bright Blue
B30 Leash AvailableFirehouse Heroes
C52 Leash AvailableHappy Birthday (M L XL only)
B74 Leash AvailableIn the Navy
E53 Leash Available Summer Candy Dots
C04 Leash AvailableBee Hive Stripe Yellow
B75 Leash AvailableCheetah
B73 Leash AvailableRed Chili Peppers
A42 Leash AvailableRed & Green Chili Peppers
E80Purring Kitty Purple
C61 Leash Available Dont Be Crabby Green
E86 Leash AvailableColorful Music Notes
B77 Leash Available Greys Anatomy
E79 Leash AvailableRainbow Peace (M L XL only)
F34 Leash AvailableTeal Mustard Dots
A43 Leash AvailableBirthday Surprise
D53 Leash Available Lime Green Bandana
B58 Leash AvailableFind A Cure Ribbons
A31 Leash Available Hello Kitty Teal
B04 Leash AvailableHot Pink White Check
B61 Leash Available Girl Scout Cookies Blue (M L XL only)
F92 Leash AvailableSmall Pink Dots on Red
E26 Leash Available Orange Spirals
A22 Leash AvailableMedium Pink Bandana
A48 Leash Available Farmer John Strawberries
B85Carribean Argyle
A44 Milk Cartons on Lime
B26 Leash Available You Puzzel Me
C65 Leash AvailableWhite Dots on Royal Blue
C41 Leash AvailableTiny Lemon Toss
F26 Leash AvailablePinstripe Navy Red
C26 Leash AvailableAngry Birds ( M L XL only)
B97 Leash AvailableArmy Strong
F89 Leash AvailablePetite Strawberries on Navy
C66 Leash AvailableBreast Cancer Ribbons on Pink
B41 Leash AvailableTiny Pink Roses Grey
C12 Leash Available Monster Mash
E57 Leash AvailableSuperman Shield
B06 Leash Available Farmer John Lemons
F36 Leash AvailableMini Flower Pots
B80 Leash Available Vintage Flowers Pink
A23 Leash AvailablePeach Dots Grey
C37 Leash Available Multi Rick Rack Stripe
D11 Leash AvailableI wear Pink
D36 Leash Available Mini Hot Dogs
Not sure what size you need?
See the size chart below.

Cat Collars
Kitten    12.00
Cat      $12.00


Dog Collars
XS $12.00
S $12.00
M $16.00
L $18.00
XL $20.00



(Replaces the Plastic Buckle)

Steel Buckle    $4.00


Collar Flowers

(fabric flower that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


Collar Bow Tie

(fabric bow tie that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


All Leashes are 5' in length.  Small is 1/2" wide, Medium is 3/4" wide and Large is 1" wide.

        (Some fabrics not available)

Small  1/2" width $20.00
Medium 3/4" width  $21.00
Large  1" width    $22.00


        (Some fabrics not available)

XSmall   $25.00
Small   $25.00
Medium   $27.00
Large      $30.00


Cat Collars
Size Length Width
Kitty 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
Cat 8"-13" 1/2"

Dog Collars
Size Length Width
XS 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
S 8"-13" 1/2"
M 11"-17" 3/4"
L 15"-24" 1"
XL 19"-30" 1"

Size Length Width
Small 60" 1/2"
Medium 60" 3/4"
Large 60" 1"



Girth is the circumference of your dog just behind the front legs where the chest is the fullest.

Size Girth Width
XSmall 10-14" 1/2"
Small 14-20" 1/2"
Medium 20-28" 3/4"
Large 28-36" 1"


We also accept  and any debit cards that have these symbols on them.  Please call us at (724) 355-1372 with your order.

To pay by Check or Money Order, please download the order form.

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