3/16/11  I am very sad to report that our beloved English Cocker Spaniel, Clara has passed away after an 8 month battle with cancer.  She was the love of our lives and will be sadly missed.  Her name will live on in the business she helped inspire. 


Who’s Clara???...you may ask. Clara, formally named, O’Clarabell Mason Dixon is our adorable female English Cocker Spaniel. She is Blue Roan in color. She enjoys playing with her new brother, Clooney and her boyfriend, Tracker (a beagle) who lives next door. She loves to pull the stuffing out of anything that has stuffing, like pillows, comforters or dog beds. Clara enjoys eating people food and treats and has been known to walk away from anything resembling dog food. Her biggest claim to fame is that we were charged $10.00 extra for bad behavior when she visits the groomer. She loves napping in front of the fireplace and on our bed. She is a friendly, happy dog who loves giving kisses..but only to the most deserving.


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