Valentine's Day 
F43 Leash AvailableStripes of Love
A79 Leash AvailableHappy Pink Hearts
B47 Leash AvailableWhite Hearts on Red
F68 Leash AvailableSweetcakes Love White
E56 Leash AvailableChalkboard Hearts
A85 Leash AvailableHugs and Kisses Tie Dye
C75 Leash AvailableGlitter Hearts Red
B37 Leash AvailableHugs and Kisses
B17 Leash AvailableMini Heart Black
A47 Leash AvailableHappy V Day Pink
E92 Leash AvailableTouch of Bright Hearts
A62 Leash AvailableOmbre Hearts
B93 Leash AvailableTrue Love Tiny Hearts
C24 Leash AvailableHearts and Flowers
E04 Leash AvailableGlitter Heats Design Red
D69 Leash AvailableTossed Glitter Hearts
C68 Leash AvailableHearts and Scrolls
E97 Leash AvailableTiny Lips Black
F69 Leash AvailableCloud 9 Hearts
A45 Leash AvailableZig Zag Hearts
E81 Leash AvailableRick Rack Hearts
F29 Leash AvailableRed Hearts on Black
D20 Leash AvailableCupids Arrow
B05 Leash AvailableSweetcakes Love Pink
B21 Leash AvailableColorful Sweetheart
D02 Leash AvailableKisses on Pink (M L XL only)
C56 Leash AvailableHeart Cubes (M L XL only)
D13 Leash AvailableHeart to Heart
A14 Leash AvailableStraight to the Heart
D17 Leash AvailableSending Love
A41 Leash AvailableStreaming Hearts
A77 Leash AvailableGlitter Heart Designs
 St. Patrick's Day 
E17 Leash Available Shamrocks Green on Green
F73 Leash AvailableSt Patricks Foil Scrolls
E93 Leash Available Mini Plaid Shamrocks
B64 Leash Available Metallic Shamrocks
C97 Leash Available Green Lime Shamrock
E24 Leash Available Dublin Shamrocks
E46 Leash Available Wee Bit Irish White
E69 Leash Available Packed Four Leaf Clover
D25 Leash Available Tinted Shamrocks (M L XL only)
E47 Leash Available Shamrock Pooch on Dk Green (M L XL only )
B40 Leash Available St Pattys Day Plaid
C27 Leash Available Shamrocks on Green
E02 Leash Available St Pattys Dot Shamrock Row
C47 Leash AvailableGreen Green Plaid
B90 Leash Available Patchwork Shamrocks
C92 Leash Available Elegant Shamrock
C42 Leash Available Zig Zag Shamrock
B54 Shamrock Argyle
A18 Leash Available St Pattys Day Dog
A35 Leash Available Falling Shamrocks
D63 Leash AvailableIrish Stripe
F76 Leash Available Metallic Shamrock Scrolls
B49 Leash Available Celtic Knot
B18 Leash Available Touch of Gold Shamrocks
D35 Leash Available St Pattys Day Pooch (M L XL only)
A08 Leash Available Irish Circles
A13 Leash Available Shamrock Swirl Green
A29 Leash AvailableCarrots on Teal
C35 Leash Available Baby Bunny Pink
C84 Leash AvailableBaby Bunny Lt Green
A82 Leash Available Carrots on Yellow
E05 Leash AvailableHello Easter White
C90 Leash Available Painted Eggs
A36 Leash AvailableBunny Teal Check
A65 Leash Available Bunnies Ears on Green
A10 Leash AvailableBaby Bunny
E25 Leash Available Bunnies in Eggs (M L XL only)
F16 Leash AvailableGlitter Animals Lavender
D92 Leash Available Easter Eggs on Light Teal
D83 Leash AvailableHappy Easter Eggs (M L XL only)
F55 Leash Available Hello Easter Pink
A49 Leash AvailableCarrots on Lavender
C100 Leash Available Easter Chevron
C55 Leash AvailableEaster Candy
C32 Leash Available Chicks in Eggs
C19 Leash AvailableGolden Egg
A11 Leash Available Easter Sunday (M L XL only)
C15 Leash AvailableEaster Eggs Teal (M L XL only)
B91 Leash Available Sideways Bunny (M L XL only)
B35 Leash AvailablePretty Pastel Eggs
C80 Leash AvailableColorful Jelly Belly Beans
C99 Leash Available Jelly Beans on White
C30 Leash AvailableEaster Chicks and Jelly Beans (M L XL only)
D01 Leash AvailableEaster Dots on Teal
D14 Leash AvailableGlitter Jellies on Teal
D03 Leash AvailableCoop Tossed Eggs
A83 Leash Available My Little Chickadee(M L XL only)
A26 Leash AvailableEaster Chick Stripe
E08 Leash AvailablePatriotic Dogs (L XL only)
D58 Leash AvailableFreedom Star Stripe
D62 Leash AvailableGray Blue Red Stars
E21 Leash AvailablePaw Print Stars Red
D95 Leash AvailableAmericana Flag Blue
A58 Leash AvailableAmericana Flag Red
F65 Leash AvailableDotted White Stars
D76 Leash AvailableAmerican Summer Stripe
F44 Leash AvailablePatriotic Paws and Stars
E71 Leash AvailableGlitter Silver Star Red
F82 Leash AvailablePatriotic Treats
C79 Leash AvailableSilver Star Salute
A67 Leash AvailableInto the Night Stars
B56 Leash AvailableFreedom Trucks (M L XL only)
D26 Leash AvailableBetsy Ross Stripe
A09 Leash AvailableStand Up and Salute
D18 Leash AvailableAmerican Pride
F37 Thanks for Service Stripes
F11 Leash Available Made in USA Stripe
F10 Leash AvailableTiny Patriotic Pride Stars
A100 Leash AvailableStar Check Red White
F52 Leash AvailableWhite Stars on Navy
B89 Leash AvailableWiggle Americana
A34 Leash AvailableWild Patriotic
B46 Leash AvailableStar Stripes
B57 Leash AvailableRed Star Blue
F51 Leash AvailableWhite Star on Red
C01 Leash AvailablePatriotic Paisley
D42 Leash AvailableDogs of the Fourth (L XL only)
F15 Leash AvailableStars and Stripes Chevron
F80 Leash AvailablePatriotic Star Power
A98 Leash AvailableWitches Hats ( M L XL only)
B96 Leash AvailableMini Cats Orange
E45 Leash AvailableSpiders on Dark Green
F83 Leash AvailableMini Grey Pumpkins
B82 Leash AvailableHalloween Plaid
B100 Leash AvailableSpooky Plaid
A55 Leash AvailablePumpkin Bites
B25 Leash AvailableOrange Spiders
E38 Leash AvailableFrankenstein Black
B72 Leash AvailableLime Spider Potion
B16 Leash AvailableTrick or Treat Pumpkin (M L XL only)
B08 Leash AvailableHowl O ween
F23 Leash AvailableGlowing Ghost Orange
F13 Leash AvailableCandy Corn Purple Dot
F41 Leash AvailableMini Pumpkin Dot
F24 Leash AvailableTiny Goblins
B22 Leash AvailableMini Jacks
C22 Leash AvailableNot So Scary Black Cats
C10 Leash AvailableHalloween Plaid Purple
B36 Leash AvailablePurple Spider Web
E63 Leash AvailableSpooky Stipes
E55 Leash AvailableHaunting Words on Black
C85 Leash AvailableMonster Stripe
B53 Leash AvailableCandy Corn on Black
E13 Leash AvailableSpooky Eyes
C51 Leash AvailableHalloween Stripes
D47 Leash AvailableSpiderweb on Black
E41 Leash AvailableCandy Corn Row
A25 Leash AvailableSpooky Purple Ghost (L XL only)
D75 Leash AvailableTiny Turkey Navy
B62 Leash AvailableThanksgiving Pooch (M L XL only)
B10 Leash AvailablePacked Turkeys Black
B09 Leash AvailableTiny Red Green Lights
D52 Leash AvailableStockings Green
B19 Leash AvailableChristmas Trees Red
C43 Leash AvailableSnowmen Sage
D19 Leash AvailableRed Green Ho Ho
F70 Leash AvailableHolly on Pink
B13 Leash AvailableStitched Snowman Red
C69 Leash AvailableSnoopy Christmas Red
B39 Leash AvailableRed Green Metallic Plaid
C93 Leash AvailableSanta Plaid
A93 Leash AvailableJolly Santa Blue
B84 Leash AvailableMini Lights Red
E54 Leash AvailableChristmas Dog Bones
D45 Leash AvailableCozy Winter Snowman Teal
D34 Leash AvailableCozy Winter Santa Red
C89 Leash AvailableCozy Winter Santa Green
A73 Leash AvailableGrinch Green
E42 Leash AvailableHo Ho Red White
C59 Leash AvailableCrooked Snowman Lime
F96 Leash AvailablePeppermint Candies Green
A81 Leash AvailableRed Foil Snowflakes
A46 Leash AvailableSanta on Lt Blue
F21 Leash AvailableChristmas Cars Pink
E20 Leash AvailableChristmas Pooch Burgundy(M L XL only)
E90 Leash AvailableBeautiful Holly
E74 Leash AvailableFrosty Snowmen Green
D77 Leash AvailableFrosty Snowmen Red
D41 Leash AvailableSanta Grey
C17 Leash AvailableSantas Workshop
A37 Leash AvailableSnowflake Tree Plaid Grey
A59 Leash AvailableSnowflake Buffalo Plaid
D66 Leash AvailableMini Santa Christmas
F31 Leash AvailableHappy Snowman Heads ( M L XL only)
B69 Leash AvailableHo Ho Ho Pink
E62 Leash AvailableGlittery Grinch Dots
A78 Leash AvailableLong Legged Reindeer (M L XL only)
A21 Leash AvailableSnowmen Pink
C88 Leash AvailableSnow Happy Snowmen Big (L XL only)
A86 Leash AvailableChristmas Tree Car Dk Green
C02 Leash AvailableGlitter Snowmen Royal
F99 Leash AvailableTossed Santa on Black
E60 Leash AvailableHoliday Snacks Black
C98 Leash AvailableCrooked Snowmen Teal
E31 Leash AvailableChristmas Pooch (M L XL only)
C76 Leash AvailableGrey Santa Faces
D37 Leash AvailableSnowbound Plaid
A57 Leash AvailableTiny Peppermint Canides
E22 Leash AvailableMulberry Lane Snowmen Teal (M L XL only)
E64 Leash AvailableSnow Much Fun
D59 Leash AvailableTiny Trolls
C11 Leash AvailableHoliday Pink Row
F94 Leash AvailableTinsel Tiles (M L XL only)
E32 Leash AvailableSanta With Shades (M L XL only)
C21 Leash AvailablePrancing Reindeer (M L XL only)
C82 Leash AvailableWinter Wonder(M L XL only)
C58 Leash AvailableChristmas Morning Fun (M L XL only)
C18 Leash AvailableOrnaments and Flakes on Black (M L XL only)
E73 Leash AvailableWhite Dots on Red
F49 Leash AvailableBig Faced Santa (M L XL only)
E96 Leash AvailableCandy Cane Navy Flannel
B78 Leash AvailableCozy Snowman Row
A61 Leash AvailableConehead Santa
D33 Leash AvailableGlitter Mini Snowmen Blue
A33 Leash AvailableGlitter Mini Snowmen Gray
C08 Leash AvailableJingle Elves
C71 Leash AvailableSnowflakes on Red
D64 Leash AvailableSmall Snowmen Green
E70 Leash Available Gingerbread Man Flannel (M L XL only)
D68 Leash AvailableSwirl Stripes Glitter
A39 Leash AvailableDiagonal Christmas
E27 Leash AvailableDiagonal Holiday Canes
B68 Leash AvailableSnowman Mittens (M L XL only)
D67 Leash AvailableMerry Merry Dots
D49 Leash Available Country Snowman Check
D89 Leash AvailablePuffy Santa DK Blue (Large XL only)
C44 Leash AvailableChristmas Peace
C13 Leash AvailableTiny Santa Flannel
B60 Leash Available Holiday Reindeer on Green (M L XL only)
A53 Leash AvailableSplattered Snowmen Red (M L XL only)
A54 Leash Available Merry Mittens (M L XL only)
E61 Leash AvailableSmall Santa Faces Teal
C28 Leash Available Snow Happy Lights
A64 Leash AvailableModern Day Christmas (M L XL only)
F12 Leash AvailableTeal Holly
A30 Leash AvailableChristmas Tree Circles
F50 Leash AvailableReindeer Green (L XL only)
F05 Leash AvailableHo Ho Ho Green
A06 Leash AvailableFrosty Snowman Gathering
A91 Leash AvailableMulberry Lane Snowmen Red (M L XL only)
F84 Leash AvailableBig Santa Green Check (M L XL only)
C33 Leash AvailablePeppermints on Black
B32 Leash AvailableTiny Frostys on Green
A69 Leash AvailableMidnight Blue Snowflake
C23 Leash AvailableStar of David
C25 Leash AvailableHappy Hannukah
Not sure what size you need?
See the size chart below.

Cat Collars
Kitten    12.00
Cat      $12.00


Dog Collars
XS $12.00
S $12.00
M $16.00
L $18.00
XL $20.00



(Replaces the Plastic Buckle)

Steel Buckle    $4.00


Collar Flowers

(fabric flower that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


Collar Bow Tie

(fabric bow tie that velcros to your collar )

S $12.00
M $12.00
L $12.00


All Leashes are 5' in length.  Small is 1/2" wide, Medium is 3/4" wide and Large is 1" wide.

        (Some fabrics not available)

Small  1/2" width $20.00
Medium 3/4" width  $21.00
Large  1" width    $22.00


        (Some fabrics not available)

XSmall   $25.00
Small   $25.00
Medium   $27.00
Large      $30.00


Cat Collars
Size Length Width
Kitty 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
Cat 8"-13" 1/2"

Dog Collars
Size Length Width
XS 5 1/2"-8" 1/2"
S 8"-13" 1/2"
M 11"-17" 3/4"
L 15"-24" 1"
XL 19"-30" 1"

Size Length Width
Small 60" 1/2"
Medium 60" 3/4"
Large 60" 1"



Girth is the circumference of your dog just behind the front legs where the chest is the fullest.

Size Girth Width
XSmall 10-14" 1/2"
Small 14-20" 1/2"
Medium 20-28" 3/4"
Large 28-36" 1"


We also accept  and any debit cards that have these symbols on them.  Please call us at (724) 355-1372 with your order.

To pay by Check or Money Order, please download the order form.

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